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Salmon Flies
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5/0 Dandy
Green Highlander 2017/02/06
Olive Fiery Brown
2/0 Taite's Fancy
2/0 MacIntyre
2/0 White Wing and 2/0 River Conon No. 1
2/0 Jimmie
Today's build (2016-11-23) 2/0 Silver Grey
2/0 Jock Scott
2/0 Blue Palmer
2/0 Curtis
2/0 Douglas Graham
2/0 Colonel
2/0 Paddy
Lady Amherst
5/0 Orange Parson.
5/0 Stevenson
5/0 Double Leopard
2/0 John Campbell & 2/0 John Ferguson
Anybody tying anything out of the norm?
Rusty Rat (Clovis Arsenault Style)
# 6 Abe Munn Killer
Thanks to scnye!
Jock Scott
No name
a couple of flies
Butcher try #2
Picasse video
2/0 Mar Lodge
2/0 River Findhorn #2
2/0 Queen of Autumn
Rub a Dub Dub
2/0 Carnegie
2/0 Candlestick Maker
2/0 Silver Grey
Salmon Flies
Healing waters
Drum Lightning
Reduced Jock Scott
hairwing Logie
Hope Air Fly
Free Styling
Pinching Barbs
4/0 Drum Ranger
Salmon flies for sale
Dungarvon Special
3/0 Black Ranger
Abe Munn Killer
Fly Order
4/0 Durham Ranger
Parson 2015
Baron 2015
Popham 2015
Silver Doctor
Christmas 2014
Silver Grey and Jock Scott
Tying re-entry.....
Blue Jock Scott (George Kelson style)
River Helmsdale.
3/0 Sherbrooke
Thunder and Lightning
flies for auction
Halloween Creation
Lady Amherst 3/0
Playing with hook sizes
Brown Fairy Spey
Brown Fairy
Silver Doctor
Julian Furlaga Moncton
GDOG flies
My John Campbell
The "Canuel" Bomber
The "chicken fly"
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month
Early Season Bright Salmon Flies
Upcoming season
A Host of Charms
Another Jock Scott
How a Lady became a bug
Got some #10 33960 long shank
Thanks for this hackle 4FISHN
Pleasure Tying
Fulsher, Krom and Warren
"Trout" Designed Dry Flies for Salmon
Choking on hair
RBM and Renate Bullock
Green Charm
Silver Grey
3/0 Colonel Bates
Sat. AM coffee+fly tying
Bronze Mallard
more bugs
3/0 Double leopard
Green Picasse
I like RED butts
Durham Ranger and Lady Amhert
Jock Scott, First time for this pattern
Fly tying night
Black Dose
Silver Flies
Silver Rat
Three for a customer
The "Almost" salmon fly
Going Barbless
2/0 Blue Charm
Free Stylin'
Sir Richard/Childers /Black & Gold
Cutty Sark
My Kate/Benchill/Greenwell
My Baron
2/0 Green Highlander
Dusty Miller
Mounted Classics
Brown Fairy
2014 Inventory
Spring Salmon Flies
Tying season begins!
Fall Patterns
Clovis Arsenault style Rusty Rat
History of the Lawrence Tracy (LT) special
Dungarvon Special
The PICK ARSE (or picasse)
Jungle Cock
tube flies
Purged My Fly Boxes
Christmas Tree
The Belly Dancer
Flash of Silver Tangent
Red Heads
Kelson GH
Spinning Deer Hair
Spring Streamers
What's the smallest size fly you fish?
Some flies I tied
The Green Widow
Green Highlander #4 (reduced)
More Wulffs
Ausable Wulff and Bomber, converted and enlarged
Got Rats??
Poster time again!
First Jock Scott
Dark Winged Butterfly
Classic fly tying
2013 Inventory
Poster time again!
Tying the Celtic Beauty
Yellow wing butterflies
New Reading Material
Flies for 2013
Dry Flies
Latest Classics
Favorite Fall Patterns?
Fly swap report
Do Salmon feed in fresh water?
Mike Crosby flies
Carter bug
Nepisiquit River flies
Rusty in red
This side's done
Anyone ever heard of this?
What will be the fly out of the box this summer?
Dieppe fly tying club?
interesting fly.. anyone able to tie a few up for me?
Lets see some dry's
Flies for the year
Saturday Tying Session
Salmon fly hooks
Couple Flies Tied Temple Dog Style
Salmon Flies for sale
Making your own Spey Hackle
Francis Fancy
Pattern for Ira Gruber's Oriole
First Run at Tube Flies
Fly Tying Night @ Fredericton Outfitters
Cuddie (sp.?) Shark Fly
Harding Special
What is your Favorite Fly Pattern?
Lets see some spring flies
Few fly pics while playing with camera
Getting Ready for Winter Tying
xmas gift idea.
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