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"the fishing gave us something; a connection that wouldn't have happened without Atlantic Salmon Fishing." wannafish 2012
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2017 CR Draw is Here!
Manzer Maps is Down??
Lower Patapedia
Global Warming Officially Over
Lower North Branch
striped bass regs 2017
5/0 Dandy
Green Highlander 2017/02/06
MSA Donation 2017
Wannafish 2016
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This forum is to provide information about salmon fishing in New Brunswick by the many salmon anglers that fish "The King of all game fish"
Latest Articles
Lower Patapedia
Has anybody extended their trip to the Lower section?  If so, is it worthwhile?
Manzer Maps is Down??
Hi Guys,

Manzer Maps is currently down, does anyone know if this is temporary or permanent?
Global Warming Officially Over
Global Warming officially over

Global Warming officially over

7 hrs ago

It's official Global Warming otherwise known as Climate Change, is over. The war against melting ice, temperature rises, and all associated ills has been won.

According to a report by Dr. Benny Peiser, a Global Warming expert, "...the poles are 'much more stable' than climate scientists once predicted and could even be thicker than pr ...
Lower North Branch
anyone been to this stretch? i read there is no camp and something like 6 or 8 named pools.. but you have access to all the upper waters that make up the head waters to the lower north branch.  just curious how the fishing is and if worth checking it out
striped bass regs 2017
still haven't seen the new regs for 2017.. the last regs ended with the end of the 2016 season...

to add, no news on salmon retention either.. i'm good either way.. just curious to know which direction DFO is going to go with it.
5/0 Dandy
Tied this a while ago and didnt like some things so took it apart yesterday. A few pics


[URL=h ...
Green Highlander 2017/02/06
---Green Highlander--- After seeing a friend's , Jason Wilcox , version it inspired me to build my version. Based on a dressing by T. E. Pryce-Tannatt "How to Dress Salmon Flies" 1914 my build took nearly 4 hours to complete.

[url=][img:49a9a0d9c1]http://gallery.myff.or ...
2017 CR Draw is Here!
Picks are in for 2017, now the hard part , waiting almost 2 months for the results. Good Luck! I hit up the stretch advice page hard this morning, trying to change it up this year. We got GroundHog twice in a row so we didn't apply for it this everyone go apply there  Laughing
ASF Fly Fishing Film Night - Fredericton March 17, 2016
Are they going to do another one of these this year?
MSA Donation 2017
---MSA Donation 2017--- Today I completed my box of flies for donation to the Miramichi Salmon Association for their Icebreaker dinner / auction held at the end of April in Boiestown New Brunswick Ca. Each year I donate 2 dozen summer classics and 2 dozen spring salmon streamers. They usually fetch between 250.00 and 400.00 dollars.

The classics are :

Row 1

2 Jock Scott
2 Black Dose
2 Baron
2 Nighthawk

Row 2

2 Silver Doctor
2 Silver Grey
2 Torrish
2 Thunder & Lig ...
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